I hoped to put this little package into a baby carrier in between my daily duties in the camp. But when I got her in my hands and removed the layer of fleece, two more giant fleece blankets followed. The last one was drenched with sweat when finally the baby appeared.

Miniscule, barely a week old and sweating. A polyester hat with strings pulled tight underneath its tiny chin. Shit, this is not good. Fortunately she rappidly started crying. She’s functioning!
I used one of the fleece blankets and put it on the bottom of the carrier to support the baby, that was actually to small for the Baby Björn.

I explained the mother that she shouldn’t smother her child with so many layers (cultural differences) and that the mothers warmth will stabalize the temperature of the baby and then I grabbed her hand and put it on the baby’s heart and then put it back on her own heart: heart to heart, mama.
Big tears welled up, for both of us.

So beautiful to share my experience as a mother with her.