An NGO run by girls from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, making the world a safer place.
Started on a beautiful Island in the mediterranean sea. An Island where mothers, fathers and children live hidden from the rest of the world.

Why we do what we do?

We are ashamed that we choose to ignore, abandon and dehumanise people in fear who had to leave their homes behind looking for safety.
We choose differently!
We make a safe circle around those in fear.
We choose to welcome, to honour, to see, to include and to not live in fear for one another, but to live in trust with each other.

How we do it

We give ordinary people from NY, Rome, Hanover and other places the opportunity to make a difference for ordinary people from Syria, Afghanistan, Congo, Iraq and other countries who have fled their homes from wars, conflicts or natural disasters.
Because We Carry enables the first steps of healing on the sites. We believe that being full of trauma, eating from a plastic box and not being able to do anything makes integrating in a strange country really difficult. People need to feel human again before they can take steps.
Our building blocks are:

  • organising relaxing, empowering and vitalising activities on a daily basis for the young and old
  • preparing and distributing 1,300 healthy & nutritious breakfasts every day #nutritionnotjustfood
  • including site residents in the organisation and preparation of all our activities
  • raising global awareness by giving normal people the opportunity to make a difference



We are active in Greece, on Lesvos Island where we support the two camps on the island. CampUs Kara Tepe (officially called Municipality’s H.C.R.M Mavrovouni) is the shelter on Lesvos where the most vulnerable are housed. 90% of the CampUs consists of families, half of which are children. We also support Moria, the bigger and very rough camp currently filled with over 6.000 people. Here we offer our Relax & Joy Yoga Therapy program to the single women and children 6 times a week.
Also, in co-creation with our Dutch NGO friends of Movement on the Ground we are taking care of the winterisation of Moria.


On Earth everything is inevitably connected. Which is why we organize activities for the young and old every day. By connecting with one another we create a safe place where new life force can emerge.


We work with weekly missions. When you come to help BWC for a week, besides getting your hands dirty, you also raise much needed awareness and funds in your own network. You do this by asking your friends, family and colleagues to support your mission.

Help us: