Girl on Kara Tepe

Just look in to her eyes. See her, see her lovely green eyes and feel all hidden stories.
From the heart of the refugee CampUs on Lesbos -Greece to where ever you are.

This is for the heartbroken,
Our society is broken, disharmonized by an ego driven mentality, leaving a few with power and many with nothing.

Allowing a few to judge many, if the do or don’t belong.
Leaving millions intimidated, defenseless, dishonored, abandoned, oppressed, divided and traumatized.

When hostility rises fear rises dispair rises hate rises.
Connection looses love looses humanity looses.

We will never accept that

We see you. And we came to call you back. You matter and you belong.
We are here to empower, embrace, enlighten, honor encourage, appreciate, accept, applaud, approve, ador, value, celebrate, affirm, praise, trust, cheer, feel, involve, treasure, support, foster, harbor, nourish, guard, defend, protect, compliment, recommend, rave, salute, award, recognize, believe, respect and to love you
And when love rises, we rise, we connect.

We invite you to participate in 2018 becoming partners of a single quest

Restoring faith in Humanity

We are all human and we do not only carry ourselves, we carry each other and if needed we will carry you until you remember to carry yourself.

We are Because We Carry