Full of Hope Yoga Festival on Lesbos for kids

From the 13th ~ 15th August we are organising the FULL OF HOPE yoga festival for the 3,000 children seeking refuge who are living in the camps on Lesvos.
This way we’ll give the children who don’t have much a moment of happiness.

Because leaving home, leaving your grandfather and grandmother, leaving your friends and suddenly living in a camp is incomprehensible for children who usually understand a lot.

What you can do

Help us raise donations for FULL OF HOPE in the coming weeks. So that we can give the children a little resilience and imagination.
Put a collection box on your counter, organise a cool yoga class, sell all your clothes, bake 100 cakes or organise a party and transfer your donation before August 13!
Use the donation form on this website or donate directly to Because We Carry NL85 TRIO 0391 0737 96
Make sure to state: FULL OF HOPE

If you have connections in the festival industry or yoga world let us know!
Tell us about your fundraiser by sending an email to kaatje@becausewecarry.org so that we can share it on social media.

Kaatje & Steffi